Eco-Nests sustainable micro homes

Made from our Bio-SIP™ innovation

2 Bed Forest Lodge

Made from our Bio-SIP™ innovation

Design, Make, Relax...

Sustainable, stylish garden studios designed and installed by you

Design, Make, Relax...

Made from recycled plastic bottles and Natural Fiber, our Bio-SIP systems offer superior thermal performance 

Qube Buildings bring you the next generation of habitable Garden Offices, delivering fast, easy to assemble garden structures designed by you





Thermal Performance




Who are Qube Buildings?”

We’re passionate about providing sustainable and high-performance garden rooms and modular buildings. Our innovative and unique BIO-SIP Systems are well insulated and easy to install.

Justin, Our qualified PassiveHaus Consultant brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, to ensure our studios offer you the best in quality, insulation and sustainability.

Looking for something different?

Discover how Qube Buildings can help you fulfil the potential in your garden. Get a FREE quote today. You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be!

Bio-SIP™: 87% Reduction in CO2 Emissions Compared to Traditional SIP Panels

The Bio-SIP™ (Bio-Structural Insulated Panels) Sustainable Modular Building offers an impressive 87% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional building materials. Made from natural fibers like hemp, flax, and recycled plastic, these panels are durable,...

Transforming recycled plastic into high-performance building panels

Transforming Waste into Wealth: How Bio-SIP™ is Turning Plastic Waste into Sustainable Building Solutions The world is drowning in plastic waste. Every year, millions of tons of plastic are produced, used briefly, and then discarded, leading to overflowing landfills,...

Bio-SIP™ System and Passivhaus Methodology

Building Sustainability: The Bio-SIP™ System and Passivhaus Methodology In the quest for sustainable building practices, innovation often holds the key to unlocking new possibilities. One such innovation is the Bio-SIP™ sustainable building system, which combines...

Transforming Waste into Homes: The Power of Bio-SIP™ Panels

Bio-SIP™ Panels, a groundbreaking technology that repurposes an astonishing 1,950 recycled post-consumer plastic bottles per panel The escalating crisis of plastic waste, innovative solutions that extend beyond mere recycling are essential. The Bio-SIP™ panel, that...

BE-ST is the launchpad to a zero carbon built environment.

BE-ST is the launchpad to a zero carbon built environment. They provide the connections, infrastructure and culture needed to solve the sector’s most pressing challenges. We bring together world-class academia, government bodies and industry at all levels to...

Reducing Carbon Footprint with Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Building

In the urgent global struggle against climate change, every reduction in carbon emissions is crucial. As the construction industry grapples with its significant environmental footprint, groundbreaking innovations like the Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Building System...

Bio-SIP™ Temporary Homes: A Sustainable Solution for the Homeless Crisis

As the world grapples with a growing homelessness crisis, innovative solutions are urgently needed to provide shelter and support for those in need. In the face of rising poverty exacerbated by soaring housing costs and rents, temporary housing solutions have become...

Sustainable Modular Micro Homes: How Bio-SIP™ Is Revolutionising Construction

In the realm of construction, the drive towards sustainability and efficiency has given rise to the innovative concept of modular micro homes. These compact, prefabricated residences are designed not just as a housing solution but as a lifestyle statement that...

Transform Your Summer with a Sustainable Wellness Building

Transform Your Summer with a Sustainable Wellness Building by Qube Buildings As the golden hues of summer beckon us outdoors, the yearning for a personal oasis of wellness grows ever stronger. Qube Buildings, a pioneer in sustainable construction, introduces a...

Embracing Passive House Standards: Transforming the UK’s Housing Sector

Passive House Standards: Is an innovative building design approach that prioritises energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. In recent years, the United Kingdom has grappled with a housing crisis of significant proportions. Skyrocketing property prices, a...

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