John & Julia Case Study 3m x 5m Waney Edge Garden Building in Chiddingfold

Waney edge garden building

We met John and Julia at their beautiful home over in Chiddingfold, Surrey on a very sunny but windy day! The couple were thrilled to be receiving their Waney Edge Garden Building , which arrived bright and early ready for our install team to unload it. Three installers met the couple on Thursday morning and began to transfer the panels from the pallets, through to the garden. The studio arrived flat-packed in its entirety, on a single Luton van.

Waney edge garden building being delivered Burning old shed

Why A Qube Waney Edge garden building ?

John and Julia have a beautifully manicured garden, with an abundance of plants, mature trees, stone steps, a water feature and gravel path, taking you on a journey through a very peaceful and enjoyable space. The couple originally kept a large shed in one corner of the garden, which they felt needed replacing for a more sustainable, usable and beautiful building, in keeping with the rest of the garden. John and Julia came to us at Qube Buildings and communicated their design ideas clearly, along with their desire to support more sustainable methods of construction. They chose a Waney Edge larch wooden cladding which was locally grown in Surrey to finish the project, which will weather and age along with the trees surrounding the space.

John and Julia’s garden studio replaces an existing shed, measuring 3m x 5m. The studio comprises uPVC double doors in a wood look finish, and two square windows on the near side giving views of the garden and allowing for adequate light. The studio will primarily be used for storing garden equipment and so wall space was prioritised over larger windows which would allow for more light.

Bio-SIP panels

Thermal stability is always important

Qube Building’s high performance Bio-SIP’s are superior to other SIP systems on the market, utilising natural fibres and recycled materials to keep temperatures consistent. As the building wouldn’t become an office or habitable space, the couple do not have plans for heating the studio, but were impressed by the technology of our Bio-SIP’s which support thermal stability throughout the building, meaning the space won’t overheat in warmer temperatures, or freeze in winter. This was an important consideration for the couple when thinking about storing paints and chemicals, which can be affected by extreme temperatures. Our Bio-SIP systems ensure against these extreme temperatures being reached inside the building, thus maintaining a more consistent and suitable environment.

Waney edge garden building

How did Waney Edge garden building make the vision happen?

John and Julia knew from the onset they wanted a sustainable and beautiful modular building and were over the moon when a family member recommended Qube Buildings. The couple intended to upgrade their existing shed with a garden studio of a similar size. The studio measures 3m x 5m with glass and uPVC doors, giving a more secure and water tight entry to the building, compared to their existing shed.

The first step the couple embarked on was dismantling the shed. Unfortunately, the shed was no longer fit for purpose and had come to the end of its life. John set about deconstructing it, and the entire shed was burnt. One of the many advantages of choosing Qube Buildings to supply your garden studio is that our modular buildings can all be built and dismantled a couple of times, giving you the option of taking the building with you if moving house, or allowing you to reconfigure, or expand as your requirements change. Our buildings are both versatile and adaptable for each of our customer’s evolving needs, and our recycled plastic inner core of the Bio-SIP won’t degrade over time, compared to other materials.

Two days to completion…

Once the existing shed was removed, John and Julia used to install a level foundation before the studio was erected. The company shares similar values and ethos to Qube Buildings, keeping in line with the couple’s priorities around sustainability. A total of fifteen ground screws that sit above ground level were installed to create a flat and level base, on which the floor of the studio sits. This process took around three hours to complete.

Stopdigging ground screwsGround screw head

Installation of the studio took place the next day, and the weather was on our side! Justin and his team arrived on site ready to unload the Bio-SIP’s from the van. The pallets used to transport the Bio-SIP system then become the foundation on which the studio is constructed, ensuring no materials are wasted or are unnecessary. Each of the panels are designed to be carried by two persons, ensuring the building can be erected easily and efficiently, without the need for heavy lifting machinery or equipment. The installation took two days to complete, with a team of three installers.

John and Julia are thrilled with the addition of their smart, sustainable Waney Edge garden building . Their chosen wooden cladding adds sophistication and texture to the overall look. There was no need for lengthy planning permission, or on-going building work for this project, and the couple were able to transfer their garden tools and equipment within days of embarking on the project.

For more information on Waney edge garden building please contact us, or for our latest projects please visit our blog.


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