For many of us, we have spent the last eighteen months or so balancing work and home life from our houses. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly affected the way we use our homes and the spaces available to us.

Bedrooms have become temporary offices, kitchen tables serve as desks and conservatories morphed into classrooms. Though for many of us (especially working parents!) we are very pleased to see our children back in school, the pandemic and more specifically, lockdown on a global scale, has caused us to rethink our approach to working from home, shining the light on just how ill-suited our living spaces are for this modern way of working.

Many of us are duly hesitant (and rightly so) when it comes to ‘returning to normal’ as life begins to resemble something of what it once was. Many employers have had to adapt and alter their working-from-home policies, rethink the traditional working day, and invest in modern technology to facilitate remote working. Whether we welcome these inevitable changes to our working environments, benefitting from the flexibility working from home now offers, or mourn the loss of precious camaraderie and community that exists within an office set up; the tendency for large office blocks and big corporate buildings may just diminish.

It is for this reason many of us are exploring the possibilities of improving and adapting our homes, including installing garden offices that provide the work-life separation required both for now, and in the future, as we learn to accept and accommodate home working as the new ‘normal.’

Here at Qube Buildings we acknowledge the increasing need for additional, habitable space and can offer our client the opportunity to design and customise their very own sustainable, bespoke garden room using an easy-to-use online configurator. We take you on a smooth journey through the decision-making process, helping you to decide the shape, size and finish you desire. Pattern and texture can be later added to the exterior and the cladding can be updated as required, ensuring the building is a pleasure to look at and sits comfortably within its context. If you know what you’re after or looking for a more standard size, you can browse through our existing range to suit your requirements and budget. 

The clever engineering behind our innovative structures ensures that once your garden office has arrived, installation can be carried out by the client in under two days. Everything arrives ‘flat packed’ on a pallet which can be easily off loaded and is ready to put up as the panels click together neatly. Your Garden studio can also be reconfigured as and when you wish to add more space or create partition walls for example, adapting to the ever-evolving needs of the user. Qube Buildings provide an attractive and timeless option for our client that is suitable for every life stage! With our 25year warranty, interchangeable cladding system, and no need for builders, Qube Buildings deliver longevity, confident, innovative, and sustainably built solutions to your home working requirements.

If you are struggling to make working from home work for you, why not explore our range now to discover how Qube Buildings can help you today!


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