One of the most asked questions we hear is whether or not a garden studio can be used all year round. It’s a big question to consider when you’re looking to invest, and here at Qube Buildings we can confidently say YES IT CAN! Our insulated garden rooms are made using Bio-SIP systems made from 100% recycled bottles to form a foam core insulation, which keeps the cold air out and locks warmth inside. Similar technology is used in the commercial refrigeration industry, which makes use of the same closed-cell technology used in our insulation. It works by keeping the cold air and warm air separate, thus reducing thermal transfer.

Our Garden rooms are worlds apart from the log cabin or converted shed you may be currently using. Qube can offer you a far superior solution, requiring only minimal heating in the cold winter months, keeping your sacred space warm, damp free and inviting all year round.

In fact, a garden studio from Qube Buildings is much like a room in your home, if not better insulated! With a certified European Passivhaus Consultant on our team, Qube Buildings are equipped to deliver strong, sustainably made garden rooms, offering the best in insulation technology and quality. 

Construction of a wooden house of SIP panels.

Bio-SIP walls

Our Bio-SIP systems are composite panels made from recycled plastic bottles and flax. In industry flax fibre is used for the production of tarpaulin, sailcloth, driving belts, hoses and fishing nets owing to its strength and resistance to water. Flax tow, which is the coarse, broken fibre, removed during processing flax, hemp, or jute and separated from the shives, finds application in the wider building industry as a heat-insulating material. Used in construction materials it appears to be a great energy and fuel saver. The flax woody portion, known as the shives, is used for the production of boards and blocks, making it a useful and versatile building material, which can be sustainably grown and produced time and time again. Here at Qube, we have harnessed the benefits of using flax, which, mixed with resin, forms the outer coating that sits either side of the insulation core of our Bio panels. This flax coating is both watertight and insulating, which we think provide outstanding properties for use in our products. Between the two flax coatings sits our cleverly engineered insulation core. Made using 100% recycled plastic drinks bottles, the foam core structure locks in pockets of heat whilst keeping cold air out. In addition to this, the insulation is water tight and extremely lightweight yet strong. These properties alone mean this material is highly suited to garden structures, and more widely, across the construction industry, as we move towards a more sustainable way of living. By repurposing material in this way, a significant amount of plastic is prevented from ending up in landfill too. What an exciting prospect for the future of our planet!

Roof, floor and windows and doors

The roof panels we have chosen to construct with, are 80mm thick. These insulated panels are coated in steel to provide excellent strength and durability and just for added peace of mind, are made using PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation which has an EU fire reaction rating of B-s2-d0 meaning it is very difficult to ignite, and has very limited contribution to fire. This material also offers a far superior choice compared to other materials used in more traditional roofing, such as felt and rubber often used by our competitors. The floor is also made from the same materials as the roof, ensuring optimum insulation for your studio. These panels interlock together ensuring installation is quick and straightforward, reducing overall construction time. 

We use uPVC double glazing as standard for the windows and doors, just as you’d find in your home to compliment the thermal properties of our studios. As a result, we believe that even just a small heat source is enough to heat your garden studio in the cold winter months, making a garden studio from Qube Buildings the smarter choice for all year round usage! 

Interested in creating your bespoke garden studio today? If you want to find out more about how Qube Buildings can help you to create your individual, year-round garden studio, why not book a FREE virtual design consultation with our certified Passive House design consultant, who is available to talk you through the exciting options available.

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