Welcome to our Trade Sales for Garden Buildings Trade sector at Qube Buildings. As a company we have worked hard to develop and refine our product, doing the hard work for you! Our modular buildings come in a range of standard sizes and dimensions, and we also offer a ‘made to measure’ service, manufacturing bespoke designs to suit your client’s budget and requirements, however ‘niche’ they might be…

Trade Sales for Garden Buildings

Supplying our modular buildings and studios offers your business the opportunity to provide customers with a superior quality, fully sustainable and well-insulated garden room, which only requires you to install. Allow Qube Buildings to do the leg work on your behalf, cutting out the procurement, costing and manufacture, supplying your business with a comprehensive package ready for installation…It couldn’t be easier! 

Trade Sales for Garden Buildings

Qube Buildings can supply SIP built structures across the UK. We have developed our superior and unique Bio-SIP to offer high quality, sustainable and fully recyclable options for the growing modular building market.

Our modular buildings come flat-packed, ready to assemble. We recommend you allow two installers one to two days for installation, depending on the building dimensions. Our slot-in-place SIP’s fit neatly together, requiring minimal securing which significantly reduces time on site. 

Our modular buildings and garden studios are:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic and plant based materials, ensuring our product is fully sustainable and environmentally friendly 
  • Thermogenically stable, offering superior insulating properties all year round
  • Easy to install in one to two days depending on size.

With our fully comprehensive kits, Qube Buildings enables your business to buy, sell and install the next generation of garden studios, whilst providing you with peace of mind, knowing our product is trusted and offers the best in modular building design.

We have created our trade sector to offer your business the opportunity to advance and benefit from the fast growing garden studio market today. Take advantage of our superior insulated modular buildings, with full confidence you’ll be providing your customers with the next generation of garden studios.

What is the next step…?

As a company we want to offer you easy access to support, POS, instructions and be available to answer any questions you might have about our product. We invite you to access our online trade portal where you will find additional information and answers to FAQ’s. 

To access our trade portal or enquire about partnering with for Trade Sales for Garden Buildings , please contact Justin Murray on 01483 346070 or email justin@qubebuildings.co.uk 

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