Why not become an approved garden building installer today? Our unique garden studios are simple and straightforward to erect, taking only a few hours for full assembly. Qube Buildings offer you one day full training to guide you through the installation process. 

Learn the ropes in no time, and become an approved Installer today! Contact Justin@qubebuildings.co.uk 

What is an Approved garden building installer?

A Qube Buildings Approved Installer is an installer that has undergone our specialist training and has been approved to install our range of garden studios and modular buildings, following our checks and searches.

What are the entry requirements?

To become an Approved Installer you will need to meet the current entry requirements and hold appropriate liability insurance.

Becoming an Approved Installer benefits your business

The market for garden studios and offices has rapidly grown in recent times as a direct result of Covid, with many office workers now requiring additional space to work from home. Become one of our recommended Installers today and broaden your customer base, reaching customers across the UK. 

We want to provide an easy, reliable and trusted service to our customers, and look forward to partnering with installers who seek a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Benefits and our commitment to our Installers

Once you have completed our Approved Installer training day, you will be assigned a dedicated manager to support you going forward. 
Contact us today at Justin@qubebuildings.co.uk to begin your journey to becoming an Approved Installer today!

Approved Garden Building Installers

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