One thing we can all agree on is that we need more exercise. For most of us, we lack the time to fit in regular sessions in the gym, and it can often be that when we do get the chance, it’s either late in the evening or at the weekend when we’d rather be relaxing.

The benefits of a home gym in the form of a garden studio, are far reaching. Whether exercise is something you enjoy once a week, or whether you’re a professional Athlete or Fitness instructor, many of us enjoy the head space and physical use of our bodies, which releases endorphins and all those happy hormones that lift our mood. Qube Buildings offer you the ideal solution to fitting in more exercise into your week, creating a studio solely designed to accommodate both space and equipment. Our garden studios can be built to a range of sizes using our configurator. You are then able to choose where the windows and doors are placed, taking into account the journey of the sun throughout the day. This means your garden gym will become an inviting and peaceful space for you to retreat to, time and time again.

Weighing up the cost and Benefits of a home gym

Gym memberships and the rental of gym space to train others, can amount to hundreds, if not thousands of pounds per year. As rent prices escalate annually and monthly membership payments go on and on, it may be worth investing in your very own exercise space to enjoy from the comfort of your garden as much as you like, without a lifetime of paying rent and increasing costs.

It can seem like a costly option to begin with, but once completed, your home gym is yours to enjoy day after day, any time you like! You may even choose to rent out your studio space to other like minded people or colleagues, creating new opportunities for you to generate more income as your business grows.



The environment matters



By choosing Qube Buildings you are contributing towards a better and more sustainable future. Some of the benefits of owning your garden studio may make long-term financial sense, but in addition to this the environment is also benefitting! We use a combination of recycled plastic drinking bottles and fibrous flax (plant) material to form the BiYo SIP panels used in building each one of our garden studios.



Flax is an environmentally-friendly material that absorbs significant quantities of carbon dioxide throughout its life. By utilizing natural materials within the building and construction industry, we can play our part in bringing down the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere as we head into the future. By harnessing the power of recycling and turning plastic drink bottles into thermal insulation for our composite panels, the heating demands of the building are greatly reduced, therefore decreasing the overall carbon footprint of your garden studio.



Added storage



Additional space also means a designated place to store your gym equipment on a more permanent basis. Whether you’re currently hiding dumbbells underneath your sofa, tripping over a running machine in the bedroom, or carting training equipment around in the boot of your car, Qube enable you to create a separate, purpose built environment for all your equipment and machinery, offering storage space where you require it, which can even be partitioned off to create an extra storage room so all your equipment can be easily arranged and accessed, leaving your studio floor space clutter free and welcoming.



On your terms



Allowing yourself an inviting space to exercise in, is sure to give you a huge boost in motivation on the days you feel like skipping the gym. An easily accessible studio in the garden is exclusively available to you for use all day (and night!) and all year round too. Why not invite a friend over to join you for that extra dose of motivation? Host a class or group session with friends or clients, and enjoy your purpose built space with the people who inspire you most.



Contact Qube Buildings today to discover Benefits of a home gym and how we can help you to create your perfect gym space in the comfort of your back garden. Click here now to get a FREE quote today, we’d be delighted to help you achieve your fitness goals!


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