Save time and effort

STOP DIGGING is a Swedish company that designed and developed the ground screw: a modern and cost-effective ground anchor for both large and small construction projects. Our business ethos is not only to provide a high-quality product but to deliver and install it to the highest professional standard, saving you work, time and money. Stop Digging will take your idea from conception and create a strong and stable foundation for you to complete your project.

What are the main benefits of StopDigging Ground screws?

No damage to landscape

With no digging required, our ground screws are installed directly into the ground without any damage. Our clients are delighted when they see their garden has remained intact throughout the process. Our ground screws are also perfectly suited for temporary structures as they can be removed when the structure is dismantled, and they leave no damage behind.

Climate sensitive

The cement in concrete contributes to 5% of the worlds C02 emissions and we are all looking for ways right now to reduce our carbon footprint. A ground screw produces at least 60% less CO2 of an equivalent solution using concrete plinths*.

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