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Elevate Your Scouting Experience: The Eco-Friendly Scout Hut by Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Building System

In the heart of every vibrant community, a Scout Hut stands as a symbol of adventure, learning, and community spirit. Today, we introduce a pioneering approach to Scout Hut construction, bringing together the time-honoured traditions of scouting with cutting-edge sustainable technology. Behold the future of scouting spaces – the Scout Hut crafted with the Sustainable Bio-SIP Modular Building System.

A Legacy of Scouting:

Scout halls have long been the heart of scouting communities worldwide. These structures, also known as Scout Huts, play a pivotal role in providing a dedicated space for scouting activities, meetings, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among scouts. Rooted in the rich history of scouting, these halls are where bonds are forged, skills are honed, and memories are made.

A Greener Approach: Bio-SIP™Sustainable Modular Building System:

Enter the era of eco-conscious scouting with our Scout Hut constructed using the Bio-SIP Sustainable Modular Building System. This revolutionary approach to construction blends seamlessly with the values of scouting, offering not just a physical space but a sustainable haven for scouts to gather, learn, and grow.

A Sustainable Haven for Adventure:

Scout Huts have always been a gateway to adventure, a space where scouts embark on journeys of discovery and personal growth. Our Scout Hut takes this concept further by embracing sustainability at its core. The Bio-SIP™ system utilizes rapidly renewable natural fibers like hemp or flax, actively sequestering 160% of their weight in CO2 emissions. This ensures that the Scout Hut not only provides a sanctuary for scouting activities but also contributes to a greener planet.

Crafting with Care:

Our Scout Huts are meticulously designed to optimize space, creating a cozy yet functional environment for scouting endeavours.

The construction process itself is a testament to efficiency and simplicity. The tongue and groove method used to join Bio-SIP panels makes assembly swift, allowing even semi-skilled workers to bring the Scout Hut to life in a matter of days. The lightweight profile of the Bio-SIP panels, weighing only 42kg per sheet at 150mm thickness, ensures ease of manageability by a small team – an important consideration in scouting communities where resources may be limited.

Versatility for Diverse Scouting Activities:

Our Scout Hut, constructed with the Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Building System, caters to the diverse needs of scouting groups. From shelter during outdoor activities to a comfortable space for meetings and educational sessions, the versatile design of the Scout Hut adapts to the ever-changing landscape of scouting adventures.

A Community Investment:

Choosing a Scout Hut made with the Bio-SIP™ system goes beyond constructing a physical space. It is an investment in the future of scouting and community sustainability. By embracing eco-friendly construction practices, scouting communities contribute to a larger movement towards responsible environmental stewardship.

In the spirit of scouting, the Scout Hut crafted with the Sustainable Bio-SIP Modular Building System is more than a structure; it’s a commitment to values of sustainability, community, and adventure. Elevate your scouting experience with a space that not only stands as a testament to scouting traditions but also pioneers a path towards a greener, more sustainable future. Join us in building not just a Scout Hut but a legacy that echoes the principles of scouting for generations to come.


Materials / Info Description / Insulation Thickness UValue
External Size


Internal Size


Sustainably Built Eco and Bio Yes, recycled materials, natural fibers & Longer life
Roof insulation Metal SIP PIR (Polyisocyanurate) 120mm 0.18 W/M2k
Floor insulation Bio-Sip PET (polyethylene terephthalate) 100mm 0.27 W/M2k
Wall insulation Bio-Sip PET (polyethylene terephthalate) 150mm
0.18 W/M2k
Overall wall thickness 190mm
Internal finish Natural Fiber  panel unfinished 3mm N/A
Floor bearers Wood C24 grade treated FSC 80mm N/A
Window / Doors uPVC or aluminium White or upgrade to colour 40mm 1.7 W/M2k
Double glazing Toughened glass Argon gas filled 25mm 1.4 W/M2k
Guarantee 25 years Structural and components
Life expectancy 50+ years Some maintenance will be needed
DIY installation of building 16 hours 3 competent people
DIY foundation 9 Hours Depend on ground conditions
Delivery 5 day courier Flat packed on pallet


We recommend using a 3rd party base from any of the following providers:

StopDigging EasyPad EcoBase


If you are unsure which type to go for we can run through this with you in a call. Call us now on 01483 346070.

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