Temporary housing buildings

Introducing the Future of Emergency and Temporary housing buildings: Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Buildings

In a world where flexibility, sustainability, and rapid response are paramount, the Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Building System emerges as a groundbreaking solution for temporary housing needs. Specifically designed to address challenges such as emergency housing, homeless housing units, temporary housing units, and refugee housing, the Bio-SIP™ sets a new standard in innovative, eco-friendly, and adaptable shelter solutions.

Passive House Design for Unmatched Comfort and Efficiency

At the heart of Bio-SIP™ lies a commitment to Passive House design principles. This cutting-edge approach ensures that our temporary housing units provide unparalleled comfort and energy efficiency. The integration of Passive House standards means residents experience a cozy, temperature-stable environment, irrespective of external conditions. By minimizing energy consumption, the Bio-SIP™ not only reduces environmental impact but also significantly lowers operational costs, making it a sustainable choice for both short-term and extended housing needs.

Emergency Housing Redefined

In times of crisis, the urgency of providing safe and habitable emergency housing cannot be overstated. The Bio-SIP™ offers a rapid and effective solution. The modular nature of the system allows for quick assembly, providing a timely response to urgent housing requirements.

Homeless Housing Units with a Purpose

For those experiencing homelessness, stability and security are paramount. Qube Buildings Bio-SIP™ offers a dignified solution by providing sustainable and resilient homeless housing units. The modular construction allows for a rapid deployment of these units, enabling communities to respond swiftly to the pressing needs of their homeless population. With the Passive House design, individuals in these units can find solace in a warm and energy-efficient environment, fostering a sense of stability during challenging times.

Temporary housing buildings for Evolving Situations

The adaptability of Bio-SIP™ makes it an ideal choice for temporary housing buildings that can meet evolving situations. Whether it’s responding to a sudden influx of refugees or addressing the aftermath of a natural disaster, our modular buildings can be efficiently disassembled and reassembled in new locations. This versatility ensures that Bio-SIP™ remains a valuable asset for organizations and communities navigating dynamic and unpredictable circumstances.

Refugee Housing with a Focus on Sustainability

For displaced populations, Qube Buildings provides more than just shelter—it offers a sustainable and resilient refuge. The Passive House design ensures that refugee housing units maintain a comfortable and stable living environment, fostering a sense of security during challenging times. The ability to disassemble and reassemble the units enables organizations to respond effectively to changing refugee settlement needs, providing long-term solutions in a sustainable manner.

The Bio-SIP™ Sustainable Modular Building System stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of tTemporary housing buildings. From emergency and homeless housing units to temporary housing buildings and refugee shelters, Bio-SIP™ offers a versatile, eco-friendly, and adaptable solution that prioritises comfort, efficiency, and sustainability. In times of need, Bio-SIP™ is not just a shelter—it’s a promise of resilience, dignity, and a brighter, more sustainable future for communities worldwide.



Materials / Info Description / Insulation Thickness UValue
External Size

4800mm x 4800mm

(15ft 7 ins x 15ft 7 ins) 

Internal Size

4500mm x 4500mm 

(14ft 7 ins x 14ft 7 ins)

Sustainably Built Eco and Bio Yes, recycled materials, natural fibers & Longer life
Roof insulation Metal SIP PIR (Polyisocyanurate) 120mm 0.18 W/M2k
Floor insulation Bio-Sip PET (polyethylene terephthalate) 100mm 0.27 W/M2k
Wall insulation Bio-Sip PET (polyethylene terephthalate) 150mm
0.18 W/M2k
Overall wall thickness 150mm
Internal finish Natural Fiber  panel unfinished 3mm N/A
Floor bearers Wood C24 grade treated FSC 80mm N/A
Window / Doors uPVC or aluminium White or upgrade to colour 40mm 1.7 W/M2k
Double glazing Toughened glass Argon gas filled 25mm 1.4 W/M2k
Guarantee 25 years Structural and components
Life expectancy 50+ years Some maintenance will be needed
DIY installation of building 16 hours 3 competent people
DIY foundation 9 Hours Depend on ground conditions
Delivery 5 day courier Flat packed on pallet


We recommend using a 3rd party base from any of the following providers:

StopDigging EasyPad EcoBase


If you are unsure which type to go for we can run through this with you in a call. Call us now on 01483 346070.

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