Qube Buildings become affiliates of the UK Green Building Council

We are thrilled to announce that Qube Buildings have recently become members of the UK Green Building Council, an organization composed of a diverse membership base, including Construction Companies, Real Estate Developers, Architects and Designers, Consultants, Manufacturers and Suppliers, Non-Profit Organizations, Government and Public Sector Organizations, Educational Institutions and Individual Members. The UKGBC brings together these stakeholders to collaborate on advancing sustainability in the construction and property sector. Its diverse membership base reflects the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of addressing environmental and sustainability challenges within the built environment.

Becoming a member of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) provides Qube Buildings with various benefits, including opportunities to network, access resources, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable building practices in the United Kingdom, something we are passionate about, and committed to advance change both now and in the future.
Bio-SIP™ – The sustainable solution for modular buildings and structures
Qube Buildings are focused on using sustainably sourced, high performance materials. Our engineers have developed our registered Bio-SIP™, which are set to offer advanced performance and far superior insulating properties, in comparison to traditional SIPs available today. Decades of research and engineering have contributed to producing the superior insulating foam core we use in our Bio-SIP™ today, and we are passionate about sustainability, ensuring our Bio-SIPs are 100% recyclable or can be repurposed.

How do our Bio-SIP™ systems fall in line with the UKGBC?

The Bio-SIP’s foam core is extremely lightweight and delivers superior thermal performance, developed using 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) as the raw material base. This innovative and clever material delivers significantly less CO2 emissions compared to traditional SIP insulation. This contributes to greater savings across its life span, helping to better protect the environment long term, as well as immediately benefiting the client with cost savings on heating. For this reason, Qube Buildings Bio-SIP systems are the smarter choice for use in design and construction of modular buildings and structures, in keeping with the UKGBC values and mission.

The UKGBC is committed to promoting sustainability in the built environment. This includes advocating for environmentally responsible and resource-efficient building practices, as modelled by Qube Buildings, that reduce the environmental impact of construction and operation of buildings. We look forward to partnering with UKGBC, working together towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

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