Did you know that an estimated two billion people across the globe speak the English language? A language which emerged from the dialects and vocabulary of Germanic peoples – Angles, Saxons and Jutes, who settled in Britain in the 5th Century. According to Etymology (the study of the origins of words,) the English language is constantly evolving and has been influenced by a multitude of different cultures and languages, including French, Dutch, Latin, and Afrikaans. There are hundreds of words in the English language which have been around for years but new words, phrases and terms are frequently added as a result of various influences. 

One area of particular interest are hybrid words, also referred to as ‘barbarisms.’ These consist of two different words, usually taken from separate languages, amalgamated together to form a new word, usually considered to be “improper.” A relevant example of this is the introduction of a new term – ‘Shoffice.’ 

What is a Shoffice…?

The word “Shoffice” is a modern word made up of two nouns; shed and office. A modern term to describe a functional space which doubles up as a shed and an office, art studio or gym. 

A Shoffice can be a sophisticated modular building with its own power supply, insulation and heating, creating a usable space for year round use. The design is usually bespoke, and constructed to suit your evolving needs. The Shoffice can therefore be repurposed for other uses in the future.

The Shoffice has been thrust into the limelight

In this new age of working from home, the Shoffice has been thrust into the limelight, becoming highly desirable for garden owners, who no longer need to commute to the office everyday, yet require additional, habitable space without the cost or planning permission required for conventional property extension. 


The Shoffice isn’t a media trend, but instead a game changer for a new generation working from home, and just as this hybrid word is becoming established, so too is the design of spaces in which we inhabit for both work and play. The Shoffice lends itself well to creating an opportunity for architectural brilliance too, with endless possibilities for unique and beautiful design, tailored to suit any space and shape.

Perhaps other hybrid words might begin to emerge as we embrace being the generation innovatively combining both our work and leisure life, and as the evolution of multifunctional, purpose built spaces begin to take off…  

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