Qube Buildings™ is excited to announce a pivotal development in our ongoing commitment to innovation and intellectual property protection. We have officially engaged the services of Matthew Naylor, a seasoned intellectual property attorney from Mewburn Ellis LLP, one of Europe’s premier specialist intellectual property firms. This collaboration is set to provide an insightful and thorough Intellectual Property (IP) audit for our cutting-edge Bio-SIP™ sustainable modular building system.

 Qube Buildings™ Appoints Leading IP Attorney for Bio-SIP™ Intellectual Property Audit

As the creators of the Bio-SIP™, a groundbreaking solution that pushes the boundaries of sustainability and modular construction, it is essential that we take every measure to safeguard our intellectual property. An IP audit is a crucial step in this process, as it allows us to assess the strength and effectiveness of our IP strategy and make informed decisions to protect our innovative designs.

Mewburn Ellis LLP, with its extensive experience in the world of intellectual property, is the perfect partner for this critical endeavour. Their commitment to a personalised approach to business aligns seamlessly with our philosophy at Qube Buildings™. They focus on providing strategic advice to maximize the potential of your IP as an asset, which, in turn, enhances the overall value of your business.

Matthew Naylor, the attorney leading this audit, specialises in patent and design work within the fields of materials and engineering, with a focus on structural, functional, and electronic ceramic materials. His extensive knowledge and experience make him a perfect fit for evaluating and enhancing the intellectual property strategy for our Bio-SIP™ system.

Innovate UK Edge support

We are grateful for the support we’ve received from Innovate UK Edge, which has provided us with an Innovate UK Edge service. This service has played a vital role in facilitating our journey to strengthen our intellectual property protections.

In a landscape where innovation is paramount and intellectual property theft remains a concern, an IP audit is a proactive measure to safeguard our visionary designs. The UK government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) recognises the importance of IP audits in protecting intellectual property, and we encourage other companies to explore this avenue for securing their innovations. More information can be found on the official IPO website.

Qube Buildings™ is dedicated to advancing sustainable modular construction, and the appointment of Matthew Naylor and Mewburn Ellis LLP for an IP audit reflects our unwavering commitment to protecting our intellectual property and nurturing innovation. This exciting collaboration promises to be a significant milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable future in construction.

For more infomation on our Bio-SIP™ Intellectual Property Audit please contact us.

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