Dave was primarily looking to create a work space away from the house. He also wanted additional habitable space to host guests in from time to time, and extending his home wasn’t an option. Discover why he chose Qube Buildings to help him achieve his goal…

Why A Qube Garden Studio ?

Dave began to explore ways he could add extra space to his property which were cost effective and quick to achieve. With a young family at home, Dave needed a quiet, separate space he could work in, allowing him to focus in a calm and quiet environment. He also wanted this space to double up as a room where friends and family could stay the night in comfort, enabling his family to entertain and host in a new way. A garden studio quickly became the most viable option for Dave, with adequate space in the garden to accommodate the build, he made contact with us and plans were soon being discussed. 

The set up of Dave’s garden studio flows similarly to a generous sized spare room or office within the house. The studio comprises a floor to ceiling window and double doors in anthracite grey, and includes an adequate storage area at the rear. Dave chose a larch cladding to complete the look, which fits seamlessly in the garden setting.

Dave’s vision for the build

Dave came across Qube Buildings in the local magazine, and soon got in touch with Justin to discuss his vision for a home office. Our company ethos and green credentials resonated with Dave and his family, and he was very keen to invest in something attractive in design, practical and sustainable, which were significant factors for Dave when considering a building project. 

The overall design of the qube garden studio was essential to Dave as it needed to be a quiet and spacious environment allowing him to focus, but also be an inviting space for hosting friends and family overnight. A separated storage area within the studio was included in the design, ensuring the space could transition between office and bedroom. Heating the studio was also a factor Dave considered, and his mind was put at ease knowing that only a small heat source would be necessary to comfortably heat the space. Justin took time to explain how Qube’s high performance Bio-SIP’s are superior to other SIP systems on the market, utilizing natural fibres and materials to keep temperatures consistent within the build.   

Qube Garden Studio

How did Qube Buildings make the vision happen?

Dave had looked at other garden studios but fortunately for us, he made Qube Buildings his first choice, and we were thrilled to help Dave achieve his vision for a dual purpose home office. After deciding on the overall size and look of the build, drawings were approved and the ground was prepared. The studio measured 4.5 x 2.5m which would give maximum usage space to the family, yet still allowing for the garden to be enjoyed. Dave used www.stopdigging.co.uk who installed a level foundation before the studio was erected. The company Dave used to provide the foundation also shares similar values and ethos to Qube Buildings, keeping in line with Dave’s priorities. Ground screws that sit above ground level were installed to create a flat and level base on which the floor of the studio sits.

Installation day soon came around, and the weather was on our side! Justin and his team arrived on site ready to unload the Bio-SIP’s from the van. A small hurdle was encountered whilst unloading the volume of parts and panels from the van, to the back garden with only limited side access. The access measured 700mm wide, however this was adequate enough for the team, and eventually the van was empty! With a team of three, it took three days on site to complete the build, which Dave was thrilled about. He could be up and running in no time!

Dave plans to keep it simple by painting his space internally to reflect a calm and welcoming feel, conducive to his productivity…and a good night’s sleep!

One of the many benefits to using Bio-SIP’s in the construction of our garden studios is that the natural materials in the Bio-SIP’s provide excellent sound proofing qualities, along with the high quality double glazing used for the windows and doors. Dave was amazed by just how quiet the studio was inside, providing him with a peaceful space required to work in. The soundproofing of our Bio-SIP’s is owed to the natural absorbency of the fiber, air tightness of the panels, and the overall structure of the build. Where air can escape, so too can sound! 

How has a Qube Garden studio impacted Dave’s lifestyle?

Dave is now able to separate himself from the home environment when he needs to focus on his work commitments, all from the comfort of his back garden! Dave has reduced stress levels by now having a purpose built space for his office and a quiet, generously sized room to accommodate his needs. It has also meant that friends and family have been able to stay overnight too! There was no need for lengthy planning permission, or on-going building work and with a speedy commute to work, Dave is now enjoying his garden studio to its full potential. Separating home and work life has allowed Dave and his family room for further productivity, whilst providing a dual purpose space others can enjoy too.   

In Dave’s own words, he says ‘Justin and the team were always very polite, courteous and friendly and a pleasure to have on site. They were happy to talk through the development and explain progress and any issues encountered clearly. This has not always been the case with other contractors we’ve used in the past.’ See Dave’s full review here.

The journey from design to build was straightforward and cost effective for Dave and his family. The addition of a garden studio to your property not only increases the value of your home, but adds adequate and functional space, avoiding high building costs and lengthy build times. If you would like to find out more about extending your habitable space and investing in a multifunctional Qube Garden Studio, get in touch with us today at www.qubebuildings.co.uk and chat to Justin and the team, who will be more than happy to walk you through your options.

Qube Garden Studio

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