Qube Buildings are fully equipped to help design and create your ideal space for exercise at home, and building yourself a bespoke gym in the comfort of your back garden really is more achievable than you might think. Here are our top ten reasons we hope will encourage you in  taking that next step towards a healthier, happier you…

  1. Design your perfect space – With our online configurator, we can help design your ideal and optimal space, shape and size. You’ll be able to visualize where equipment will go, create convenient storage solutions, and gain peace of mind knowing your purpose built space will enable you to enjoy exercising in the comfort of your garden.
  2. Cut out the commute –  When it comes to motivation, half the battle is actually getting to the gym! Cut out the travel time by building your own, and enjoy the ease and convenience of your own space set aside, just for you.
  3. No monthly fees to pay – kiss goodbye to costly sign-up fees and expensive gym memberships! With a one time payment and no additional or hidden costs, you are free to enjoy your home gym for as long you wish!
  4. Open 24hrs – Exercise when it suits you most, any time, any day (or night!) If you fancy being spontaneous or only have a small window to work out in, enjoy the ease and convenience of exercising at home in a space tailored to suit your every need. A home gym means you’re not otherwise restricted by regular gym opening times, and there’s no busy or peak periods where you may be queuing for equipment. 
  5. Your own equipment – In your own private gym you’ll not have to worry about busy periods, queues for equipment or waiting around. Go at your own pace and enjoy the exclusivity of your personal equipment in a space tailored around your needs.
  6. Prefer privacy? – A purpose built gym offers the ultimate private space and freedom to exercise without being watched. Whether you want to sweat it out on the treadmill, or bench press some serious kg’s, a fully customisable building means you choose the layout and where to position windows and doors. Qube Buildings help you to create a private and comfortable space, without the worry of being overlooked or watched.
  7. Invite family and friends – If you fancy some company, or want to create a safe space for the whole family to enjoy, the home gym offers you exactly that. A safe and fun place for exercise to happen with friends or family, anytime it suits you!
  8. Commitment to exercise made easy – Make it easy for yourself by creating an enticing and attractive space you can’t wait to escape to, after sitting at a desk all day! An inviting and comfortable environment awaits you, allowing you to destress and unwind, with all the health benefits exercise has to offer. Say hello to a happier, healthier you! 
  9. Prioritise you – With a personal, bespoke gym integrated into your garden, it becomes easy and convenient to prioritise both your physical and mental health and well being. Make time for you with a beautiful home gym designed around your needs both for now, and in the future. Our modular buildings can be reconfigured anytime, adapting to suit change and preference.
  10. No regrets – Trust us! You won’t look back on creating a bespoke and beautifully designed home gym, ready to welcome you day after day. Exercise is proven to have
Garden Building Gym

If you are ready to find out more and want to enjoy the benefits of a Garden Building gym, visit our website or contact us at here.

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