As the number of people working from home rapidly increases, so has the demand for Garden Offices and a dedicated workspace. A second bedroom that can serve as a home office is not available? Become one of the many former commuters who now work in garden offices to save valuable space inside their houses.

Working from home can be a terrific way to reduce your fuel costs and increase your daily productivity. However, it’s crucial to create a space that is both comfortable and effective when working from home.

Creating a garden office is one way to guarantee that this happens. Garden offices are typically made of well-insulated panels and a variety of finishes to give them a natural feel. They can be used for a wide range of activities, such as for working, entertainment, or simply relaxing with friends and family.

Remote Work Is “The New Normal”

Before Covid-19

Only 5.4% of workers in Europe in 2019 were employed remotely, according to statistics. Furthermore, 36% of independent contractors worked from home. Additionally, according to ILO figures, just 7% of people worldwide were doing any work from home before the pandemic began.

Additionally, businesses placed a strong emphasis on developing strong relationships with their staff members on a daily basis. Each employee’s productivity was evaluated based on both the amount of socialising with the team and the amount of work they completed each day.

After Covid-19
After the pandemic nearly 70% of full-time employees worked remotely. According to an Upwork poll, 61.9% of the businesses planned to increase their remote work both now and in the years to come as a result of COVID-19. It is significant to note that distant workers avoided daily commutes after the epidemic, saving an average of 40 minutes. But what is the current state of affairs? In 2023, 44% of businesses will not permit remote work, while 16% of businesses worldwide will be 100% remote.

But 27% of employers say that business productivity has grown. But what do the employees think about working remotely? Do they enjoy working from home and how do they feel overall?

Demand for Garden Offices Employees Perspectives on Working From Home

Starting with data from 2021, workers said that 90% of those who worked from home during the pandemic indicated they were just as productive doing so as when they commuted. 84% of workers agreed that working remotely would make them happier after the pandemic, with many even willing to accept a pay cut.

According to a different study report from Owl Labs, remote employees are more content with their positions and are more likely to stay in them for a longer period of time. According to statistics, remote workers are 22% happier than those who operate only in an onsite office setting. Additionally, it has been noted that remote workers enjoy a better work-life balance, less stress, and more focus.

People prefer more flexible working hours as the popularity of remote work increases. Furthermore, 69% of millennials would forego some workplace benefits in exchange for a workspace that was more flexible. Businesses currently believe that they cannot totally control their employees while they are at work. In contrast, people are more inclined to engage and become easily side-tracked at work. That is one of the reasons that 78% of remote workers concur that they wish to work remotely in order to reduce distractions.

Is My Garden Suitable for a Garden Office?

Keep in mind that garden offices MUST be constructed on a flat area and that you will need to prepare the site before ordering your garden office. It’ always best to hire a professional garden buildings company to ensure that this important job is carried out correctly.

There are many different styles of garden offices available, so you can pick one that won’t take up too much room and that you also like the appearance of. You will need to consult your local planning office to determine whether you need approval if your new garden office will occupy more than half of your garden.

Make Space
No more slouching on the sofa in the living room or crouching at the dinner table. A spacious garden office will allow you to concentrate on your work effectively. For people all throughout the UK, having a study or home office was a lockdown lifesaver. Many people, however, do not have enough room in their homes for offices, or their household dynamics do not support a professional work atmosphere (kids yelling and washing machines rumbling are the worst!). In this instance a garden office can be the ideal choice for you.

Time to Invest Demand for Garden Offices, Demand for Garden Offices

It’s time to make an investment in the right tools so you can work from home efficiently because it seems that the way we work will change forever. Office furniture that is suitable for you is another crucial investment. Keep in mind that workplace furniture has changed from what it once was. The obscenely big leather seats and awkward workstations are a thing of the past; today, you can get professional office furniture that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. Making house modifications to increase the viability of working from home is another investment that many people are making. The installation of a garden office is proving to be among the most popular house upgrades.


Decorate to Inspire
Your garden office should promote concentration and help you stay motivated for a productive workday. Distractions just lengthen your day and add to your workload. A wonderful strategy to excel at working from home is to have a workspace that is entirely your own and to decorate it to inspire you to focus. After all, your best work isn’t going to be inspired by sitting at the dining table or in a dark, cramped corner of a spare room.

Get the Proper Lighting and Ventilation
The easiest approach to prevent migraines and headaches in your garden office is to have adequate lighting and ventilation. Controlling the lighting in your office is crucial, especially in the gloomier winter months. When daylight is insufficient, directional spotlights and table lamps are excellent options for controlling natural light. Being close to a window will keep the space airy and prevent your mind from becoming clouded.

Health and Safety Is Important

There is no justification for not working properly if working from home is now a regular part of your professional life. The same rules that apply at work apply at home, such as setting up the right chair at the right kind of workstation with the ideal screen height and the optimum lighting.

Benefits of Garden Offices

Dedicated Space to Focus:
Garden offices creates a mental as well as a physical barrier between your home and office. You won’t always see the familiar objects of home when you glance up from your computer screen because you are in a different entity (your garden office pod), but you will also feel like you have left the house and are now “an individual at work.” In other words, you are not preoccupied with household chores.

Work-Life Balance Restored:
You can leave the office at the end of the day because you are not working inside your home. Removing the temptation to use your laptop again after dinner is made easier by physically leaving it in your garden office.

Futureproof Investment to Your Home:

A garden office building from Qube Buildings is a high-quality investment in home improvements that can increase the value of your home.

The dynamics of your house remain the same, keeping work and home separate, thanks to the addition of a garden office. Our garden building offices are all well insulated, making them cosy to work in all year-round.

With an investment in a garden office, many people have achieved amazing benefits. One of these reports stated that someone increased their home’s value by nearly £40,000 after investing just £13,500! A garden office is a rare jewel that may add much more appeal to a property. It is a lovely and useful addition that opens new opportunities for potential buyers. This is why purchasing a garden office for your property is a wise investment that might greatly increase the value of your house.

The real value that a garden office contributes will vary, of course, based on factors like where you live, the design of your house, and its overall size. But one thing is certain: adding extra room to properties in areas with high housing costs will always enhance buyer interest and, consequently, value. 

A Strong Choice for Investors

When buying their next house, many people who have already invested in a garden office in one property go on to repeat the process. For them, it is a practical way to increase their floor space without going through the trouble and expense of having an extension built. When the time comes to sell, people will often see a minimum 5% boost in the value of their property.

Purchasing a garden office as opposed to an extension or loft conversion has numerous advantages. The first is that it is significantly less expensive and disruptive to your home life. Garden offices often take days rather than weeks to construct, and no work is done on the main structure of your house. Your garden office has a huge variety of possible uses if you add insulation and double glazing.

Demand for Garden Offices and Consistent Returns

One of the most popular and typical forms of investment is still real estate. People are constantly looking for ways to get the most out of their money when investing in real estate because they want to maximise their returns on investment. You can increase the worth of your home and benefit from a beautiful and useful space while you live there by adding a garden office.

Cheaper Than Co-working

There are undoubtedly social and networking benefits to working in a co-working office with other people. This, though, may also prove to be a distraction. Additionally, there is also the walk or commute to get there. But on top of that, you should budget at least £100 to £300 per month for co-working costs. Although it may not seem like much at first, after a year you will have paid well over £1,000 with nothing lasting to show for it. Every time you look out your back window, a garden room will allow you to see what you have spent your money on, and every payment you make will go towards an asset that is actually yours. Demand for Garden Offices

Multiple Uses for Your Garden Office, Demand for Garden Offices

There are many other options to think about in addition to your original plans for your garden office design and construction. In particular, if you decide to retire or eventually return to the office full-time, your garden office is more than just a location for you to work. Don’t let the building go to waste by taking into account these suggestions for additional uses for garden rooms such as using it as a dance studio, photography studio, art studio or even as a room for childcare.

Interesting in Finding Out More About Garden Offices?

Contact our staff at Qube Buildings if you are assessing the Demand for Garden Offices and benefits of purchasing a garden office pod. We are more than happy to address any inquiries you may have.

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