With more of us now working from home, creating innovative and clever ways to find space in our homes to facilitate this new way of working, is becoming increasingly more necessary for our current generation. A garden office is the ideal solution, and can offer you the space and separation from the rest of the house, enabling you to focus on your work in a purpose built space. It is a cost-effective and quick way to create additional habitable space within your home, without breaking the bank.

Qube Buildings offer a range of garden studios and modular buildings to suit your budget, and are more than happy to work with you to find the right solution for your personal needs. A budget friendly garden studio offers you a multi-functional space, which can also double up as an entertaining or leisure space when you’re not working from home. A garden room from Qube can save you money and time, and even eliminate the need for planning permission depending on your requirements. Qube Buildings offer you peace of mind, with no hidden home renovation costs or unexpected extras. We can help with the process of decision making, ensuring our customers’ needs are met, from beginning to end.

Planning Permission….Do I need it?

When it comes to planning permission, there are some rules and regulations which apply to garden studios, and some that don’t. For example, you would not be able to construct a building which obstructs the view of neighboring properties, though anything below 2.5m height is usually permissible and will not require planning permission. It is also important that enough space is maintained between neighboring boundaries for construction and maintenance. The advisable distance for this is 1m.. Be sure to check out UK planning portal before you embark on your next project as some locations like conservation areas do fall under different laws. You can also check with your local planning office to confirm any restrictions.

Location, location, location

There may be several options available to you when deciding on layout and location within your garden. Before you decide, it is worth considering some important factors…

How level is the ground? If the ground is level to begin with, then great! You’ll still need ground supports for your studio to sit on top of. Qube Buildings can point you towards some helpful companies on our website specialising in this area who also share similar values as Qube Buildings, when it comes to the environment and sustainability. Something we are very passionate about.

Building a budget friendly garden studio

When designing your garden studio, or choosing from our comprehensive range, it is worth considering which direction you want the doors and windows to face. Knowing how the sun moves around your garden can help you decide the best location for your garden studio, and will also determine how much light enters the building during your working day.

Another important question to consider is around access. Is there an obvious route from the entrance of your garden room to your main house? Will you require paving or landscaping to create a path? You may have a path already suitable, while others may have a lawn which could face excessive wear over the years.

Are you surrounded by trees? Although it might not seem to matter a great deal, it is worth considering trees in your garden and whether they might shed their leaves in close proximity, which could impact the studio’s roof materials over time.

Once you have a clear idea in mind of the type of studio which will best suit your needs, you can rest assured knowing that all our garden studios and modular buildings can be easily plumbed and fitted with electrics. Our studios only require a small amount of heat to maintain a comfortable temperature during the colder months, largely due to our superior insulated Bio-SIPs, cleverly designed to give you optimum temperature control all year round, and made using 100% recycled plastic bottles!

Qube Buildings are happy to help find the right solution for you please have a look at our range of Garden Office and studios If you want to find out more about budget friendly garden studio, please visit our website www.qubebuildings.co.uk

Building a budget friendly garden studio

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