Qube Buildings Sets the Stage for Comprehensive Fire Safety Evaluation of Bio-SIP small flame test

Qube Buildings is taking decisive steps towards affirming the fire safety of its Bio-SIP™ technology by preparing for the EN ISO 11925-2 small flame test at BRE Global in Watford. This follows the company’s significant achievement of passing the more stringent EN1365-1 resistance to fire test, also conducted at BRE Global, underscoring the robustness of their innovative construction material.

The delivery of Bio-SIP™ samples for the upcoming small flame test demonstrates Qube Buildings’ thorough approach to safety. The EN ISO 11925-2 test is essential for evaluating the fire reaction capabilities of building materials, and Qube Buildings is poised to establish the Bio-SIP™ as a leader in fire-safe, sustainable construction elements.

Having already succeeded in the rigorous EN1365-1 test, which simulates more severe fire conditions, Qube Buildings is confident in the fire-resistant properties of their Bio-SIP™ panels. The forthcoming EN ISO 11925-2 test is part of the company’s continued efforts to ensure comprehensive compliance with fire safety standards.

BRE Global is a world-renowned institution known for its rigorous testing and certification of building materials, and their forthcoming assessment of Bio-SIP™ panels will be instrumental in validating the fire performance of these sustainable construction elements. By submitting Bio-SIP™ for this crucial test, Qube Buildings is demonstrating due diligence in confirming that their sustainable panels meet the strict safety criteria required for modern building materials.

The Bio-SIP™ technology continues to break new ground in the modular construction industry, providing a reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional building materials. With this latest certification, Qube Buildings solidifies its position as a leader in the construction of safe, environmentally responsible, and innovative housing solutions.

Qube Buildings’ proactive safety testing with BRE Global, a prestigious testing and certification body, reflects a deep commitment to providing eco-friendly and fire-safe modular construction solutions. Passing these crucial tests will cement the Bio-SIP™ technology’s reputation as a safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible choice for the construction industry.

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